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Hey! Welcome to my blog! This is where I journal about recent weddings, engagements sessions, and even my travels. 

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It’s All in the Details: Why Wedding Detail Photos Matter

I absolutely love photographing the “details” or the little things that are a part of the wedding day. When I say details, I mean things beyond just the rings and flowers. I love to photograph grandma’s handkerchief that was the “something borrowed” or maybe grandpa’s pocket watch…or perhaps special earrings borrowed from a friend. Here is why I think it is important that these little details are photographed:

They tell the story of your day

The little things you choose to keep on you or include on your special day tell a lot about who you are. For example, maybe the necklace you wear was given to you by your fiancé on your first Christmas together. Having these items all photographed together with other small items from your day tell a story. It might seem silly to have your jewelry photographed but oftentimes some of these elements are borrowed and you will not have them again after your wedding day. Other details like flowers and arrangements are no more after your wedding so it is important to capture them as they were.

So when you are planning your wedding, make sure you have a special details box or a safe place to store the rings, borrowed items, and special things for your photographer. Bonus if you ask your florist to include a few leftover flowers and greenery from the florals! 

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